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sCevity Gaming - Our new Website is UP !Dear Visitor, We are a bunch of friends who like to play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mainly active on gameranger under the tag sCevity. Fun is the main part in this clan but there is also time for some seriousness while playing clan wars or practices. sCevity is a team, the current team is together for almost 1 year, time in which we learned eachothers gameplay, and we got a pretty good teamwork. I hope you will follow us, and find some joy in that. If possible, all of us are looking forward to play with some of our fans.
When you are thinking about joining our team, and playing with us, there are some things that you need to know, but I'll make sure to write them on the recruiting-part of the website.

Our teamspeak channel will be announced tomorrow, and currently we are searching for 3-4 players. Shortly, we are looking for a skilled scope, and 2 AK's and the most needed is to be able to speak decent english and to be friendly on teamspeak.

More details will be written in my next posts.

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